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Thumbnail : Power delivery system

Power delivery system

  Two posts ago we discussed how solar panels work, and how they might integrate into the game function of delivering power to a set of LEDs (houses).  This time we’ll talk about a more complete, fleshed out design for a power delivery system which includes both solar cells and a hand crank generator. The [...]

Thumbnail : The City Illustrations, part 1

The City Illustrations, part 1

I put an add on craigslist a little over a month ago seeking an illustrator.  I received lots and lots of responses (by the way, graphic design/illustrator folks – if you don’t have your work put together in a sharp, online portfolio that’s easy to see, you’re pretty much out of the game).  I also [...]

Thumbnail : Solar Cells + LEDs = Tricky!

Solar Cells + LEDs = Tricky!

As described in the last post, the game concept “The City” will light up LEDs (ie supply power to households  such that players must add capacity (ie build up their power plant) so they can light more LEDs.  In this way, players must manage their electricity production and distribution.  I hope that we can use [...]

Thumbnail : Testing solar panels, wiring, and setup

Testing solar panels, wiring, and setup

One of the most difficult parts of the game The City (see previous post) is the electricity production and distribution.  The more houses you distribute power to, the more favor you curry with the residents, the more likely you are to win.  There are a variety of issues which make implementing this seemingly easy concept [...]

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