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Thumbnail : A Ribbon Cutting

A Ribbon Cutting

This weekend was the ribbon cutting for the enzymatic biodiesel plant that I played a large role in creating over the course of the last 4 years (regretful patent holder, principle investigator, lab monkey, grant writer, grunt laborer, most things in between). The research process is the most exciting and fulfilling experience I’ve ever engaged [...]

Thumbnail : The Cult of Foam by Nick and Colin

The Cult of Foam by Nick and Colin

“I for one welcome our new Overlords… aka our children.” me. right now. Let’s ignore the deplorable state of the US public education system for a minute.  Let’s stop believing that our kids all have ADD, ADHD, Autism (or the spectrum formerly known as Autism) and all sorts of other bad things just for the [...]

Thumbnail : Badging at Ann Arbor Maker Faire

Badging at Ann Arbor Maker Faire

Les Orchard, Anya Shyrokova and I decided to implement Mozilla Open Badges, using Les’s site, at the Ann Arbor mini Maker Faire. This is the full report on that experiment: We don’t need no stinkin’ badges! Yes you do – The What and Why of badges: Badges are a way to represent achievements (experiences, [...]

Thumbnail : Crowd Trivia at Ann Arbor mini Maker Faire

Crowd Trivia at Ann Arbor mini Maker Faire

BACKGROUND: I admit it – I am data obsessed. I want my data maximized around density, interestingness, and uptakability (yes, beware many made-up words in this post). That means more data, more easily absorbed, that’s more interesting. A crowd of people, especially those at a specific event, is an incredibly data-rich environment, and usually that [...]

June 2012
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