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I'm currently working on creating physical games (like board games, but also group games, crowd-based games, etc.) to induce learning - and not just for kids.  In addition, I spend a lot of time thinking, collaborating, and implementing badge systems (using Mozilla Open Badges and Les Orchard's django-badger implementation). I hang out with really great, smart, and talented folks at Maker Works, including my fantastic office/lab mates Alan McWaters (artisan wood worker), George Albercook (teacher/mad scientist), and Paul Haas (programmer and problem solver extraordinaire). And I'm active in the community with A2Geeks as well as the Ann Arbor mini Maker Faire. All of my projects are completely open source, and it is my personal goal to increase the amount of publicly available information in the world (not locked behind a patent, pay, or language walls like so much good information is).  But generally, the idea is...


... Make important stuff better.


Why “make”? Because making is the basis for everything around us, from nuts and bolts to bread and cheese. The day we are so far up on the economic food chain that we don't know how stuff is made, trouble is not far behind.  This flag is currently carried by the Maker movement (most often associated with Make magazine), but it used to be called DIY.  I know it best from the homebrew biodiesel movement.  You may connect to it in some other way.

Why “important stuff”? Because we've spent enough time on the meaningless consumption. Let's try meaningful consumption for a while.

Why “better”? Because efficiency is the only way to get more while using less (regardless of what the marketing guys tell you) and in an ever expanding, sustainable world that's exactly what we will need to do.  Many people call for "get less to use less" which I can personally accept, bu has very little mass market appeal.

Currently we depend mostly on a few really big companies to make our important stuff better. They control the means of production, the markets, and a lot of the airwaves.  It doesn't seem like they're doing a great job, so it's time more people throw their hat into the ring.

If you want to collaborate or think I might make a good part of your team or project, shoot me an email at (resume is here if you need it).

If you want to see my badge roll (right now it's not too interesting, just test badges), see below. What's a badge roll, you ask, and who cares about badges? I do! Here's why:

The quick-and-easy description
The quick-and-easy why badges matter
White paper (the reasons why badges are important)
An example site using open badges


Badges 101

Web Navigator


Please send questions, comments, and inquiries to greg (at)

Office located at Maker Works near Ellsworth and State st in Ann Arbor at:

3765 Plaza Dr.
Ann Arbor MI 48108
tel: 919 545 1083

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