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Thumbnail : A new project

A new project

Hey folks – I haven’t posted in quite a while… it’s been a busy few months. I wanted to forward along a new project that I’m working on called Photosynq.  It’s research, open technology, citizen science, and education all rolled into a little cell-phone based super awesome sensor.  We just got the website up and [...]

Thumbnail : The Meaning[lessness?] of Play

The Meaning[lessness?] of Play

I just got back from the Meaningful Play Conference at Michigan State University, which is all about games used for good – education, learning, medical uses, teaching empathy, or providing complex information in an interactive way.  It was well worth attending, and I really appreciate MSU for putting it on.  However, after the conference, I [...]

Thumbnail : The meandering progression of a board game – The City

The meandering progression of a board game – The City

As I was preparing the most recent prototype for play testing this weekend, I began pulling out all of the old versions and thought it would be worth comparing them.  I’ve been working on The City for 9 months now.  One of the original concept has nearly been lost (developing intuition about electricity) and most [...]

Thumbnail : Confessions of an open source advocate

Confessions of an open source advocate

  The other day I was talking to a friend who does more open source hardware and technology projects than almost anyone I know.  After some discussion about a very cool project he’s been working really hard on lately, he apologetically admitted that he was afraid of putting the project out into the world.  The [...]

Thumbnail : Farewell Faire, Foam, and F@%#ing horn car!

Farewell Faire, Foam, and F@%#ing horn car!

(featured image from Musebrarian via Flickr) Well, the Detroit Maker Faire is over and I had a blast.  Thanks to everyone who played a game at the Open Source Games booth from Austic Labs. I had a fantastic time meeting people, thinking of trivia questions, stacking foam (18 high, my personal best!), and solving big [...]

Thumbnail : First try at Maker Challenge

First try at Maker Challenge

Detroit Maker Faire was our first attempt at Maker Challenge (see main page for Maker Challenge for a description).  The questions were provided by John Barrie at the Appropriate Technology Collaborative.  The challenges were: How can plastic be recycled on a small, local scale in developing countries instead of ending up in the landfills or [...]

Thumbnail : Crowd Trivia at Detroit Maker Faire

Crowd Trivia at Detroit Maker Faire

See the Crowd Trivia page for the full rules and concept.  Otherwise, here’s the updates from the Detroit Maker Faire: The Data: We had about 140ish people play 52 different rounds, with about 55ish questions generated by players throughout the day.  Questions ranged from “Who invented the starter?” (Charles Kettering) to “Where’s Dave-o! at 11:30am” (Dave-o! [...]

Thumbnail : Weekend o’ Games at Maker Faire Detroit

Weekend o’ Games at Maker Faire Detroit

This weekend, July 28th and 29th from 9:30 to 6pm, is the Detroit Maker Faire!  I will be there with the following fun games and activities: 1) Crowd Trivia – the trivia game where you can’t lose, and at worst you can only help others win.  You can be great by getting questions right or [...]

Thumbnail : Awesome New World

Awesome New World

Emily Puckett Rodgers and I are working on a program to help connect technically minded folks in Ann Arbor, through A2Geeks.  It’s forced me to think a lot about who geeks are, why they are important, and how they connect with the Awesome New World which is the future.  I have a strong perspective, but [...]

Thumbnail : A Ribbon Cutting

A Ribbon Cutting

This weekend was the ribbon cutting for the enzymatic biodiesel plant that I played a large role in creating over the course of the last 4 years (regretful patent holder, principle investigator, lab monkey, grant writer, grunt laborer, most things in between). The research process is the most exciting and fulfilling experience I’ve ever engaged [...]


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