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"I like playing board games, from the silly to the strategic"
"I'm constantly creating short stories, narratives, and making up characters"
"I'm always coming up with improvements on games that I play"
"I want to create new games and game concepts"
"I can make unique and creative art and illustrations"
"I like to make stuff and actually see it work."
"I'm detail oriented and have an excellent sense of design"
"I like working in groups and making big projects be successful"
"I'm tired of learning... I'm ready for some doing!"
Collaborateurs Mashup


If any of these describes who you are or who you want to be, then Collaborateurs is probably for you (if your life is completely fulfilled by sitting around in your PJs all day eating Fruit Loops and seeing how many ways you can explode a droid in Lego Star Wars, you may want to just stay home).

Don't get us wrong – we're going to play a lot of games. But we're also going to think about games, study games, evaluate what makes a good game, and critique each others' games. Over 5 weeks our goal for each participant is to DESIGN, BUILD, SHARE, and SELL a physical game.

Understand what makes games fun, interesting, and engaging. Design and develop art, illustrations, gameplay, and story narratives. Visits from guest lecturers from the game industry. Lots of playing board games. Create prototypes at Maker Works, our local shared shop space. Learn to use the laser cutter, 3D printer and other tools to make game components. Develop a sense of quality, feel, and elegance in production.
Write-up and organize the game concepts, rules, and fabrication process to share on Thingiverse, Instructables, and Board Game Geek. Present finished prototypes to local game industry experts for feedback. Create and run a Kickstarter campaign, present games at the 2012 Detroit Maker Faire and prepare participants to apply for the 2012 Young Inventors Challenge in Chicago.

More Information

(see calendar for detailed listing of events)

For ages 12 - 17
$550 - 5 week camp, includes 1 month Maker Works membership for participant
$595 - 5 week camp plus additional Maker Works membership for a parent/guardian ($90 value)

June 25th - July 6th : DESIGN
July 23rd - July 27th : MAKE
At Maker Works from 8:30a - 5:00p, weekdays
July 28th and 29th - SHARE/SELL
Exhibit at Detroit Maker Faire Time, all day

NOTE: There is flexibility and campers can miss some dates.  Some project work can be done independently off-site or on alternate dates at Maker Works.  Between July 7th and July 23rd, participants are encouraged to work independently on their projects but there are no formal schedule events or meetings.  All students will have a one month pass to Maker Works and can come in to work on their projects at any time during the June 25 - July 28th period.

What's included

  • A full month membership to Maker Works for the participant and optionally for a parent/guardian
  • Training on the Laser Cutter and 3D printer and access to a large variety of tools and people who know how to use them ($30 dollar value)
  • Half-day training on vector and raster graphics programs for creating 2D and 3D illustrations and graphic art
  • Access to materials and supplies for game construction (from paper, MDF, acrylic, ABS, wood, and everything in between)
  • Feedback and discussion from game industry professionals and lots of play testing
  • The ability to exhibit your project at the Detroit Maker Faire in July (
  • Help prepare participants' projects for the 2012 Young Inventors Challenge (

sign up! volunteer calendar and events more info


Please send questions, comments, and inquiries to greg (at)

Office located at Maker Works near Ellsworth and State st in Ann Arbor at:

3765 Plaza Dr.
Ann Arbor MI 48108
tel: 919 545 1083

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