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Open for business!

Austic Labs space at Maker Works

Tools available: heated shaker bath, centrifuge, rotovap, analytical balance, 100x microscope (Kyle's on loan), incubator, basic titration setup, muffle furnace, and lots of storage


It's been two weeks since the last post because I've been spending all my time preparing, organizing, and filling the new lab space it with equipment!  We're located at 3765 Plaza dr. Ann Arbor MI 48108 in a 9 x 16' room right off the common area space at Maker Works.  Maker Works has a wide variety of tools, from a full wood and metal shop, to a laser cutter, 3D printer, sewing machines and serger and lots of other stuff.  I hope that the lab equipment in my space will compliment Maker Works capabilities, and allow me (and others) to expand what we're able to do, and how efficiently we can do it.

I'm looking to share this space with others, and have the long term goal of creating a space similar to BioCurious and others in the DIY science community, using a shared space model like Maker Works or Tech Shop.  For now it's just a couple folks sharing a lab, but you have to start somewhere.

If you're interested in sharing a lab space and equipment, open source technology, or the DIY scene generally, send me an email.  I'm looking to share the space with one or two other folks.

still needs work on the expression, but we like the overall style

Also, Rachel's been working hard on creating the style for The City.  Much more on this in later posts, but here's the newest version of our character Forrest, which we've been repeating to identify the style before moving on.

Next post soon!


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Please send questions, comments, and inquiries to greg (at)

Office located at Maker Works near Ellsworth and State st in Ann Arbor at:

3765 Plaza Dr.
Ann Arbor MI 48108
tel: 919 545 1083

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