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Project based summer experience for young entrepreneurs

a collaborative camp for entrepreneurs who like games sign up! volunteer calendar and events more info

Collaborateurs is a new summer experience for 12 - 17 year olds.  Participants must feel like a real android hackers and will have to design, build, share, and sell a physical game.  Don't feel limited by the word "physical" - physical games are not limited to Monopoly and Trivial Pursuit.  These games can build stories, create narratives, include amazing artwork, design abstract puzzles, pull data from the environment in unique ways, even involve biology or bacteria or all kinds of other stuff that hasn't yet been tried.  Making great games does not just mean sitting in front of a computer screen watching event fancier graphics or using even more expensive game controllers - we can integrate our ideas into the actual world around us.  We're working with Brain MonkeysMaker Works, and other amazing members of the Ann Arbor community to help participants develop their game ideas, or collaboratively create new ones.  At a minimum, participants will create a game prototype to show off at the Detroit Maker Faire and share with local game professionals in July.  They may even create a Kickstarter campaign to crowd-source fund their game and sell a few units.  Or they might compete in the Chicago Game and Toy's Young Inventor's Challenge!

What to do this summer... something awesome, perhaps?

We want this experience to be completely open source, so the camp will be fully documented so that it can be replicated elsewhere.  There's a lot of great work being done in education, games, and gamifiction right now - with the NY and Chicago Quest to Learn schools leading the way, but lots of independent game designers, community activists, and game enthusiasts doing a wide variety of cool and valuable stuff.  See this post for a good description of one perspective on what the intersection of games and education looks like.  We hope to take a small but awesome part in this budding movement.

If you'd like to play games with participants, help them develop their ideas, or help us document the experience, please sign up as a volunteer.  We need you!

Or better yet, if you're between the ages of 12 - 17, sign up as a participant!

Any other thoughts, ideas, questions, or hare brained schemes can be emailed to greg (at) austic labs dot com .


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  • Greg,

    I really relate to your gaming theory around learning. I see play as a sign of sophistication among animals on this planet; a non stressful way to accelerate the learning process. Designing games that teach children (and adults) important systems understanding through experiential intuition is a great idea, and it gives them a context for why math or physics may be important to learn.
    Please do let me know when one of your games is available for purchase. I have a lot of Christmas and birthdays to give good gifts and learn new systems with Jasper.

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