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Energy and Food - large scale versus small scale thinking and solutions 

Technology is like liquid – it fills the container its developed in. Technology that's developed in a big company, with big distribution, big power, and big machines will use those big resources to function. Technology that's developed in a small company with small distribution, low power, and small machines will look and feel completely different.

Not a lot of money goes into small scale technology. This is not because it doesn't generate value, but because that value is distributed across many producers. It's much harder to organize a million small producers to research a technology than to have one large company to do the same work.

Small scale technology fails not from a lack of efficiency, but from a lack of effort.

It's time to put in some effort and see what we can do. With innovations in small scale manufacturing, amazing possibilities for communication and collaboration, and increasing energy costs there's no better time than now to get started!

If you're interested in a low cost, shared lab space in Ann Arbor, please shoot me an email

I've already got a lot of equipment (rotovap, centrifuge, burettes, syringes, chiller, etc.) which I'm willing to share.  My goal is to create a vibrant lab space with creative, collaborative, science entrepreneurs!


Please send questions, comments, and inquiries to greg (at)

Office located at Maker Works near Ellsworth and State st in Ann Arbor at:

3765 Plaza Dr.
Ann Arbor MI 48108
tel: 919 545 1083

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