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The City at Ann Arbor mini Maker Faire!

After 4 play tests, it's time to take The City out into the world and see what non-board game geeks think - that is, the robot-making nerds.

The Ann Arbor mini Maker Faire is coming up on Saturday, June 2nd (this weekend!), and I'll be there showing off this game as well as a few others.  I'm also going to play some crowd-based games with passerby's so stop by the Austic Labs table and check it out.

A friend took some nice pictures of the most recent play test (which went really well) at Great Oak Game Day (run by my neighbor Eric McGlohon).  Also, Matt Arnold was there play testing a game of his WHICH WAS AWESOME, I can't wait to see the next version.  It's really fascinating to see how different people approach game design.

The pictures below were taken after we finished playing the game, while the power poles had been installed and electricity was on.  We're still working on finishing the art for the board surface (now it's just paper glued on to a piece of laser cut wood), but that should really make it look cool.  The play testing sessions were incredibly valuable, I learned a lot of lessons and have integrated them into the newest version of the game (v0.4).  I don't have a lot of time this week, so I'm just throwing up a bunch of pictures (eww... throw up).   The Thank You cards are a form of victory points that you earn by delivering electricity or by being City Manager.  The City Manager position has probably been the single biggest change in the last week - it added several alternative strategic paths, a really cool mechanic, and a fun component to the narrative.  After the last 2 play tests, I feel pretty confident that this game is fun, unique, and interesting.  The game took 20 minutes to explain and 90 minutes to play.  My goal is to get that down to 15 minutes to explain and 70 minutes to play (it's timed, so it literally has to take 70 minutes).  I've got a ways to go, but I'm much less nervous and much more excited.



Hmmm... it seems to me these are saying @#%* You, not Thank You :)

mmm... sweet sweet laser cutter (drool)

The board all wired up after playing (we added two extra solar panels and capacitors after the fact)

Ahhh, the City Manager pin. Once you put it on, you don't want to take it off, even if that means you spend all your time doing nice things so you can keep it... at least until you say "screw it" and steal everyone's resources.


Next time

More artwork, updates from the Maker Faire, hopefully I get a chance to play test of a new game and more play tests of The City, PLUS we're making some low temperature, low cost conductive ink and we're going to test it out.

Oh, and I'm going to GenCon later this summer and I'll be bringing this game so if you will be there (or nearby) and want to play please contact me.  I can't make Origins which sucks, but it is what it is.

From games to the lab and back again - ZOOOOOOOOM!

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