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Weekend o’ Games at Maker Faire Detroit

This weekend, July 28th and 29th from 9:30 to 6pm, is the Detroit Maker Faire!  I will be there with the following fun games and activities:

1) Crowd Trivia - the trivia game where you can't lose, and at worst you can only help others win.  You can be great by getting questions right or by making questions for others which are just hard enough (not too easy but not too hard).  User generated questions can tell us a lot about the crowd, what it knows, and what it thinks others should know.

2) The Cult of Foam by Nick and Colin - Super easy but addictive game of stacking little foam cutouts on other people's hands and trying to have the last stack before everyone else's falls to the floor.  This game was developed by two high school students (Nick and Colin) in Howell MI.

3) Maker Challenge - The Appropriate Technology Collaborative will provide 2 problems that need to be solved - and it's your job to come up with the best answers!  We'll have big tables covered with paper for you to explode your genius brains all over and then vote for the best answer (no, you can't vote for yourself).  It's a way to crowd source real-world problems at the Faire, so put your thinking caps on.

Of course, we'll be giving out badges using Mozilla Open Badges framework and just like at A2 Maker Faire, and we'll have The City on display as well.  Oh, and Rachel McGuffin, Stas from Initiatr, Roger from Motor City CAD, and George Albercook's son Xander will be helping me out.

So come for the games, and stay for the brains.

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